deat atl: gray clouds were sprinting across the sky last night

tuesday: the much anticipated sweetwater creek state park!!

i got up a little later than i wanted to (big surprise), but took my time, cause hey! i’m on break! (this is something i’ve had to remind myself almost daily)
i quickly got ready, threw together a sandwich and ran out the door.
it wasn’t long before i was out on the open highway, the atl skyline far behind, and in just 30 min i was at at the park. it was only $5 to get in! originally i was going to do the white trail but after consulting the actual state park map, found that the orange trail was the longest and i wouldn’t have to miss the manchester ruins! 

about halfway through i realized that i had taken the other way around the trail because the ruins just weren’t showing up. it was still really scenic and very calming walking through. i only ran in to a handful of people before reaching the ruins which was at about the 4 mile mark (the whole thing was around 5 miles i think). the weather was perfect. the inside of my sleeves of my crewneck were definitely realllyyyy sweaty by the end of the whole thing, but i never got to a point where i wanted to take my sweater off. i loved reaching the water and especially the rapids. i also spotted a mini waterfall early on in the trail. didn’t see much cool wildlife. cutest thing i saw was a tiny chipmunk. barely saw bugs, which was great. 

i took a break around halfway through and sat on some sloped rocks as i ate my sandwich. it was pretty awesome just sitting there, sun shining, cool breeze, and the rapids rushing by. i kinda felt guilty cause i actually squished two ants that were crawling by me and on to my stuff…. oops.

i got lost for a bit as i kept on the trail. ptl i had my phone’s gps. they should really mark their trails more clearly. the remaining hike to the ruins was definitely the trickiest part of the hike but not hard by any means (as i remember panting like a dog at one point going uphill). the ruins were definitely the most disappointing. i guess since everywhere i read about it, it talked about the hunger games being filmed there and so i assumed it’d be this huge grandiose structure but… alas, it didn’t seem as grand as the pictures made it out to be. maybe it’d seem cooler if i were on the ground but they don’t let you near it.

i got to my car feeling accomplished and finished around 1:30..? i think? the hike was a solid 2 hours. i definitely would do it again but not by myself. i got a little bored at times, especially when everything looked the same. i’m still glad i did the hike by myself and drove myself out there to do it. even before starting the hike, it was a good feeling driving out on the highway like i was on a road trip.

i spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy 🙂

wednesday: i rolled around the floor. that is all. 

thursday: car wash, lenox mall, hmart, kung fu, paris, kroger, fire


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