dear atl: what does the perfect iced americano taste like?

this morning was a total struggle… blegh. i told myself the night before that i was going to get out of the house somehow and go to the mall or somewhere i can walk around aimlessly for the sake of getting out of the house. ever the decision maker, i rolled around in bed, going back and forth on whether i should just stay home and continue reading “Pachinko” (finally started it last night), or go somewhere else and read “Pachinko”.

i ended up heading to atlantic station as i knew i was going to be tempted to spend money i shouldn’t be spending if i went to the mall. tbh that reasoning doesn’t make sense cause atlantic station is just as much a mall of sorts. but ptl nothing really caught my eye and i actually wasn’t in the mood to shop. i think the fact that i almost hit a guy on the way to the parking lot, startled me. i wasn’t freaked out at the moment and he just kind threw his hand up, the other holding his phone to his ear, and gave me a “wtf” look, but at least he didn’t hit my hood or come around to the window to scream at me. ugh. it’s the freaking iphone mount!!! it won’t stay on the dash, so i have no choice but to mount it on the top left of my window but it impairs my view sometimes… i should probably move that down. that guy literally appeared out of my mount from my view cause i did not see him coming from the left (also he was small……._…. just sayin)

i then drove to SIP The Experience which omg even typing that feels so dumb they really need to change their name haha

i’ve been meaning to go there since it’s so close by and it has good reviews and it didn’t disappoint. i definitely want to continue to go there, make it my go to cafe spot. i got an iced americano and it tasted…idk interesting? it wasn’t terrible but i didn’t think it tasted that great either. idk, i wish i knew what good coffee tasted like so i could tell if my americanos were made right or not…

i was there for about an hour and half reading Pachinko and then left to got to Kroger and pick up a few ingredients for some pizza i wanted to eat for dinner tonight as well as for my hike tomorrow.

i split the boboli pizza crust (i got from a sample snack box) in half and did a traditional tomato sauce pizza on one half and a mozzarella, caramelized red onions, and prosciutto on the other half. i then spent about 10 minutes on the floor, working up a sweat trying to uncork a bottle of red wine with the CRAPPY bottle opener i bought in a haste at kroger a few weeks ago. the angle of the metal that you lever on the tip of the bottle is totally off therefore making it extremely hard to uncork the bottle because it will not. hook on. phew.

i’m wondering if i’m gonna need a backpack for tomorrow’s hike as it’s gonna range from 5- about 7 miles. all the reviews i’ve read about people who go to the park, make it sound like a pretty leisurely hike. if i were just taking my phone, keys, and phone, it wouldn’t be too bad. i could just put my cards in my phone case. but i want to chill out halfway through and enjoy a nice scenic lunch, and i don’t think i’ll want to carry a brown bag with me either lol… ugh what the heck i’ll just take a backpack hah

i’m so excited for tomorrow :))


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