dear atl: a preacher spelled “satan” wrong

today i woke up debating whether to shower before heading out or not. long story short (but not really), i did.

i drove to the transit center, dropped my car off, and hopped on a train downtown. i wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it taking the marta and pay $5 RT, only to get off at the first stop (arts center). but i figured that’d be a lot cheaper and efficient than 1) trying to find decent parking and 2) not having to pay more than $5 for however many hours I’d be downtown. i always find it kind of eerie how empty the transit centers can be… it is a pretty big city after all.

so i got off at the first stop and, as per usual, took the long way around to get to the High museum -_-. there were a lottttt of kids today. it was $15 to get in and i got a lil sticker to stick on my clothing (tbh I prefer actual ticket stubs as a keepsake heh). the architecture of the museum itself is beautiful. but also very very very white. it was a sunny day and at times as i was making my way up the floors, the place was so dang white i was blinded. but it was cool. definitely an instagram-ready place.

they didn’t have as much contemporary art as i was expecting but i enjoyed the other exhibitions. i’ve said it before (well not on here) but i can’t seem to get into folk art… they had some hugggeee busts that i’ve never seen before. it was interesting and creepy at the same time. i always feel like those statues will come to life all of a sudden and grab me. i think i spent a good 1 1/2 hours at the museum and headed out cause i was getting super hungry. i decided to check out MODA another time in a few weeks when they have free admissions the second Sunday of every month. (note to self: also go back to the high to check out that “hourglass” exhibit)

i went to Bezoria for lunch. i regret getting the salad the minute i saw the guy plating it cause i saw lots of browning lettuce… and don’t understand how the salad costs more than the rice bowl, especially with how little lettuce i was given. anyways, i took advantage of their free toppings and made sure to get all of them and paired the salad with their chicken shawarma. i topped it off with the garlic and hot sauces and was given some dressing on the side as well. the toppings were pretty good but i was disappointed at how not hot the hot sauce was. also the chicken was meh. it still tasted pretty good though cause i was so hungry. but i’m definitely trying the falafel and rice bowl next time.

i then went to Sweet Hut for some bubble and to chill. i’d been wanting to try their egg tarts so i got one of those and ordered a jasmine green milk tea with grass jelly. tasted super floral and perfume-y today but enjoyed nonetheless. the egg tart was also pretty good. i probably spent no more than an hour there as i imported my photos from pictures taken earlier and attempted to plan out a couple more days during this break in my planner.

i made the trek back to the arts center station, though now that i think back on it, why the hail did i not just get on at the midtown station?????? sometimes man, sometimes -____-

once i got back to the lindbergh station, i went to michael’s to see if there was anything to use the recent 60% coupon on. i found a stamp set and bought blank ceramic coasters and some grey felt. i’m wondering if i wanna actually hold on to the stamp set tho after reading up on clear stamp sets and how they can be a hassle. the ceramic coasters i bought to make my own knock-off crate and barrel coasters i’d been eyeing. which i now realize was not simply painted on but carved in to. so unless i can somehow melt these coasters back, im stuck with just painting them or scratching at them with my x-acto… hah!

i went to kroger after and picked up more than i was planning to. came back home and got started making some 돈까스 and curry. it actually turned out pretty good and was a perfect dinner to end the day with some coleslaw and pickled ginger. can’t wait to eat the leftovers and maybe even make katsudon one night.

tomorrow, the PLAN is to go to the “Green Market” in Piedmont Park in the morning. haven’t decided yet if i’m gonna drive or take marta again but that’s a decision for tomorrow morning. afterwards, i plan to clean up my room because the whole right side is just a jumble of all my ‘intro to design’ crap i need to sort through. also, gotta take those pictures i said i’d upload of my work.

i’d like to think today was a pretty solid day 🙂

oh btw the subtitle… one of the exhibits i saw at high was of Howard Finster who was this evangelical preacher/artist. there was this one painted waste can and there were two what seemed like dog heads that had “satan” written on each. one of them spelled it as “saten” and i wondered whether it was intentional or a mistake… i’m not sure if this was the exact waste can, and the image i saw was just on the other side of it, but here’s one i found on google made by him. finster7

his work reminded me of work done by Leonard Knight called “Salvation Mountain”. i much prefer knight’s over finster’s. even though i’ve never been to “Salvation Mountain”, i find knight’s work a lot more welcoming and warm than finster’s, which is just too busy for my eyes with all the use of text. note to self: go here.canilsalvation14_620x300


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