dear atl: i’m gonna try, ok?

my first panel was this past monday and i can’t believe i survived finished my first quarter. these past three months have been the longest three months of my life. i was gonna write that i’ve never cried so much in my life during those three months but that would be a lie. i am the biggest crybaby. it was a constant cycle of looking at all the work i had to do, feeling lost, contemplating whether i made the right choice coming here, hating myself a lil, bawling, wiping my tears, slapping myself in the face, getting to work… and then all over again. it was quite tiresome, but nevertheless, at 3AM Sunday night, you will find me, eyes swollen with rosy cheeks and sore fingers (i never want to cut another piece of paper again). i saw someone had put up all their work from each quarter as they went through the program, so i intend to do the same. if anything, you’ll hear from me at least every 3 months. it’s too dark to take pictures of my work right now, so i’ll have to do that in the coming days. i’m on break until April 3rd… one of the instructors told us we’d be bored and anxious to have deadlines and something to work on by the first week of break. i was bored out of my mind the night after panel. i already started to hate myself for just rolling around on the floor and not making the most of my time on break. so i’m hoping tying to keep up this blog for at least the next week will keep me accountable and force me to get out of the apartment at least once a day.

today, i checked out the northside trail on the atlanta beltline. i was able to find the small parking spot on collier and overbrook. some old guy was taking a nap in his car when i arrived and was still napping when i got back from my walk. the trail wasn’t as long as i thought it’d be so i made my way south, all the way down tanyard creek park, went back up, then headed north into a golf course. once i neared the end of the trail in to the golf course, i took about 20 minutes to sit at a bench and listen to a podcast about babies switched at birth. pretty sad stuff for a sunny day… i then headed back to my car and drove to buford highway to get some takeout pho. the first place i wanted to go to, lee’s bakery, known for their half pho, half banh mi combo didn’t allow takeout for that deal. so i called up a placed called co’m vietnamese grill and just got their beef pho. i thought it was interesting that they didn’t have a deluxe or combo option for their beef pho. it was just the brisket but i would’ve loved some meatballs, tripe, and tendon. still, the soup was delicious and i definitely would go back for more. i’m glad i finally got my pho fix here in atlanta.

cool mural i could barely get a picture of

i came back home and finally cut the yarn hanging wall art i’ve been working on for the past few weeks. it’s supposed to be chevron shape, but it’s definitely gonna need more touch ups once it’s actually on the wall. now… how to cut the dowels…hmm…

holy crap those edges look terrible

i jumped back in to the “hey whipple” book, and am hoping i’ll fall asleep with that in my hand instead of my phone. i need to read up on everything design and advertising. i want to know my ish. i need to make it in this industry. i want to do well. i want to do really well.

kimchi fries and beer (i forgot to take the picture before eating heh)

anyways, tomorrow i’ll either go the high museum or even take a drive 30 min out west to the sweetwater creek state park. i’m probably going to go to the museum tho and then maybe go shopping hoho. just gotta get those steps in and that mind rolling.

also note to self: get a small sketchbook. pronto.



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