farewell 2016, hello 2017

2016 u kinda sucked… like really sucked

but now that you’re gone, i’m thankful for the experiences you gave me. hah!

after graduating from undergrad in dec. 2015, i came home honestly wanting to just take a gap year and spend time with my family. of course i never admitted that to my family… i took a job at a place i really regret having worked at but hey! at least i’ve got the¬†experience of the worst boss of my life behind me. after 3 grueling, anxiety-filled months of working at that place, i quit. from then, i suddenly had this urgency to find another job at least to hold me over until i found something more in line with my passions. that job never came.

i was miserable for the greater part of this year, contemplating the point of my life and what exactly i was put on this earth to do. i begged God to show me the way, any way at all, even if it was completely opposite from what I had envisioned for myself because at least it was a way. i felt stuck at home, teaching Sunday School at my home church, doing the very thing I feared I’d be doing after graduating from college and being back home. things changed though one september morning and my perspective changed. God has been good to me as He has been this whole year, but i had refused to see the goodness in the timing of everything.

i’m glad the year ended on a good note. that the year ended with the closing of another chapter in my life and as 2017 begins, i am starting a new chapter in a new city, in a new state.


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