moving on

i’m moving to atl by the end of this month. i got in to the school. life’s been bittersweet since then haha

after my acceptance, life got real, real quick. i watched as my parent’s faces literally become shadowed by burden after realizing how much money this move alone was gonna take. the tuition, lab fees, apartment rent, apartment utilities, leasing a car, gas, appliances, the list goes on and on and on. i guess none of us really realized how much money this was all gonna cost. but also, who knew rent in atl was so high??? i know it’s a city but damn, this isn’t chicago or nyc. and aside from how expensive apartments are, every. single. apartment complex had terrible terrible reviews. if it’s not the roaches it’s the trash strewn everywhere. if it’s not the trash, then it’s definitely the terrible management. if i was gonna pay over $1000/month on rent, at least give me good options. but they were slim to none. needless to say, it’s been a headache preparing for the transition to atl.

i’m thankful i got in. i’m thankful God has funnily enough, answered my prayers, and i’m finally moving out of here before the end of 2016. but also, when i think of how burdensome my move is going to be to my parents, AGAIN, it kills me. i know i’ll get a job and try to support myself as much as possible but i’m still going to school full-time. i’m still gonna have to rely on them financially for another two years. my parents keep telling me though that if this is what i really want, then they want to support that. and they remind me that this is only two years. two years out of however many longer years we have to live.

i think it’s funny how God has actually got me moving on to another chapter in my life as the year comes to an end. five years ago, he gave me my acceptance to umich. last year, he helped me graduate in december. and this year, i will be moving to attend a new school in a new city in a new state.

let this be a lesson for you, life moves on. you move on.



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