at midnight

“what do you think about going to business school”

i just couldn’t believe my ears. me. going to business school. i know life is full of unexpected turns and decisions but this. business school. that is not it. i am sure of that because although i don’t know what i’m supposed to do for the rest of my life, i know myself and my personality and my traits enough to know that i am not the business school type. hell. no.

then he suggested i just open myself up to the idea of working at a Korean company because that’ll be “easier” to get. trust me i know it’s easy. i’ve had Korean recruiters calling me nonstop for the past several months. but i had an absolutely traumatizing experience working at one right out of college. i don’t like the work culture and i absolutely despise the amount of sexism and unprofessionalism that i not only experienced firsthand but have heard about endlessly since college. also the companies around here are all in the auto industry. i couldn’t care less about cars.

so that was a hard no as well.

“the majority of people in this world don’t work in their dream jobs. look at me, i hate my job but i do it because i have to. i have to provide.”

my heart hurt and my eyes just kept gazing at the cup he was spinning around with his fingers 

“you need to have a plan then”

the cup stops spinning

i have this heavy big black bomb just ticking down. as if it’s going to explode when the clock strikes midnight December 31st and i still don’t have a job.

it was tough sleeping last night…





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